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Uptale provides a platform for anyone without a technical background to create, deliver and analyze training experiences in 360° and Virtual Reality in a measurable and scalable way.

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For your first Immersive Learning
starting from 200
 € / month
 monthly subscription
  • From 1 admin
  • From 1 experience
    + 2 more experiences included for free
  • Illimited views
  • Unlimited devices
  • Support email
  • T&C and standard security policy
  • Additional admin: 100€/month
  • Additional experience: 100€/month


For your deployment
on a team or a site
starting from 500
 € / month
 annual subscription
  • From 1 admin
  • Illimited experiences
  • From 1000 views
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited learners
  • Support email
  • T&C and standard security policy
  • Add admins and views according to your
    needs (volume discounts)


For any size of deployment, with customized services and security levels
starting from 2000
 € / month
 annual subscription
  • From 10 admins
  • Illimited experiences
  • From 10.000 views
  • Unlimited devices
  • Unlimited learners
  • Advanced features
  • SSO integration, LMS option
  • Premium support & dedicated Uptale team
  • Customized security contract & undertakings
  • Add admins and views according to your
    needs (volume discounts)

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Uptale Studios

Uptale Web Studio

Uptale Spatial Studio

Catalog of templates and examples

Uptale Activities

Configurable activities

Customizable activities

Uptale GenAI

Voice synthesis

Voice recognition

Automatic translation

Module configuration

Multilingual support

Display customization

Uptale Media Manager

Media gallery

360° raw file stitching in the cloud


Uptale Link

Public access by link

Private access via device

Declarative identification of learners

Authentication and private access for learners

Uptale Players

Uptale Player for VR headsets, mobiles and PCs

Uptale Web Player with flexible delivery modes

Offline mode


Uptale Dashboards

Standard data

Advanced data

Certification of learner success by email

Excel export


Uptale Plateform

Dedicated workspace with content hosting

User management

Content management

Device management

Learner Account



Enhanced security



Customized hosting (private cloud, on-premise…)


Uptale Connectors

SCORM exports

SCORM-connected (per view)

SCORM-connected (per view)

LMS integration via xAPI, LTI, custom…


Support & Ressources

Resource center

Online Academy





Dedicated Contact Success Manager (CSM)

Legal & Payment

Eligibility conditions

Up to 49 employees

No conditions

No conditions

Contract documents

Uptale T&C

Uptale T&C

Personalized contract

Security engagement

Standard security policy

Standard security policy


Minimum subscription time









Online credit card payment




The benefits are numerous!

  • Access experiences on our Uptale Player applications, especially on VR headsets.
  • Control access with the Uptale platform, and take advantage of various distribution options.
  • Broadcast worldwide at high speed with the Uptale CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • Measure learning data specific to Immersive Learning on the Uptale platform..

Uptale experiences can be deployed on the market’s leading virtual reality headsets, including Meta, Pico, Lenovo, HTC. They can also be deployed on computers, mobiles and tablets, Android or iOS, however we recommend the VR headset for full immersion and increased efficiency. Contact us to find out more.

No, the creation platform is no-code and intuitive.

An Admin is a user who can have any role in the Uptale platform: Creator, Administrator, Workspace Administrator, Trainer… They can combine these roles at will. However, you don’t need to buy Admin accounts for Learner users only.

Yes, in SCORM, SCORM-connected or via xAPI or LTI integration with your LMS/LXP, depending on your subscription.

For each training session carried out on Uptale, you can retrieve standard training data (time spent, score, success) as well as advanced data specific to immersive training. For example, you can additionally look at heat maps to see where learners are focusing their attention, scene paths and voice analysis reports.

You can search by last name, first name, e-mail. This includes data entered on registration forms.

You can also view the details of each learner session, by clicking on the arrow to the left of the line.

Of course, if you’re eligible for the Project offer! We invite you to test Uptale free of charge with full functionality for 14 days! To activate the trial, you’ll need to choose the Project Plan and enter a credit card. You can cancel at any time during the trial period without being charged.

To change your Plan, modify your quotas or any other part of your subscription, contact us at

You can decide to cancel your subscription at any time, on your STRIPE account if you are in the Project plan or by contacting us, depending on your situation. Cancellation will take effect at the end of the current subscription period, in accordance with our terms and conditions or the contract in place.

Log in to your Stripe account by clicking on this link

They can be found at the bottom of this page as well as via this link: see terms and conditions.

Of course! We have a proven methodology and offer many services to help you succeed, according to your needs! Discover them on this service page, or contact us to find out more!

Yes, we apply a sliding scale of charges according to the volume ordered with the Team and Enterprise Plans. Contact us to find out more.

Yes, with the Enterprise plan, you can commit to several years of fixed prices and benefit from discounts. Contact us to find out more.

Yes, although standard hosting on our Microsoft Azure Cloud is secure and high-performance, we also offer other options (this requires the Enterprise Plan). For example, Private Azure Cloud or On-Premise installation.

Of course! Although Uptale is a stand-alone solution, you can, for example, integrate your Uptale experiences into your LMS/LXP courses via links to Uptale. Go even further with xAPI or LTI integrations.

Any other questions?

If you haven’t found the answers to your questions, you can ask us directly.

The best of Immersive Learning

Voice recognition

This feature recognizes the learner’s voice in any language:

  • Create realistic, conditional discussion scenarios
  • Use the code-free rules engine to create instant actions based on recognition patterns
  • Trigger various actions such as the appearance and disappearance of tags or scene changes
  • Fine-tune listening triggers and automatic stops.
  • Create training scenarios based on voice analysis


Activities (groups of pre-configured tags) make it easy to create experiences: 

  • Create complex learning activities in just a few clicks
  • Numerous templates available and regular updates
  • Customize style and visual elements
  • Preview activities before creating them
  • Easily modify activities
  • Automatically translate activities into a wide range of languages

LMS and LXP integration ​

Publish Uptale experiences in the LMS like any other training module:

  • Transfer usage and success data to the LMS in a standardized way
  • Publish Uptale experiences automatically or manually
  • Uptale experiences will be automatically updated
  • Compatible with VR headsets or launch directly from the LMS
  • Compatible with most LMS

Gaze mode​

VR interaction is simplified and requires a 1-second glance to automatically activate elements:

  • This interaction guides virtual reality novices without controller disruption
  • Reduces the complexity of controller and battery management during learning sessions
  • The ability to use joysticks and hands (depending on the headset) remains available

Experience checker​

A real companion for creators, it’s essential to prevent missing any irregularities:

  • Checks the configuration of the entire experience, ensuring correct structuring
  • Automatically detects bugs and errors (missing media, inaccessible scenes, etc.)
  • When saving, displays warnings and errors, facilitating correction

Automatic translation

Translate your experiences into any language with one click:

  • This feature leverages Microsoft Azure’s cognitive services to automatically translate text, media and audio.
  • Share experiences across multiple countries, allowing learners to choose their language
  • Exporting and importing translations with dedicated third-party tools (xliff, json, csv) enables collaborative review of translations to guarantee their quality

And much more...

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