Uptale adopts venture debt to accelerate its growth

Uptale, a leading Virtual Reality platform for training has decided to adopt venture debt to support its growth in France and abroad, in partnership with the venture capital fund Inveready.

This innovative approach underlines Uptale’s commitment to accelerate the adoption of immersive learning on a large scale with more than 200 clients (companies and universities) already convinced.

Uptale’s goal? To enable every employee to effectively learn on site through virtual reality. Uptale uses revolutionary technology for professional training: they have developed an online platform that digitizes the field with 360-degree captures and adds educational and interactive elements. Each learner can teleport to the field and experience work situations as if they were there!

They have chosen venture debt to boost their growth

Venture debt is an alternative to raising venture capital, allowing companies to borrow money without diluting themselves in shares. By choosing this route, Uptale can pursue profitable growth while avoiding dilution and retaining its autonomy in decision-making. Uptale thus takes a responsible leadership position in the immersive learning industry, and in Virtual Reality in general.

By avoiding the pressure to meet investor expectations that typically accompanies venture capital fundraising, Uptale preserves its innovative spirit and can focus on what really matters: developing virtual reality solutions that change the way people learn on the job.

By turning to venture debt, Uptale can accelerate the adoption of immersive learning and strengthen its position as the platform of choice for virtual reality training. The company is at an exciting stage in its evolution, having grown rapidly over the past few years. It intends to use these funds to strengthen its position in a market that is gradually but surely gaining ground, while preserving its independence and protecting its capital.

David Ristagno, President of Uptale, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for this decision:

David Ristagno
Uptale CEO

« As we move towards democratizing immersive learning, we are convinced that venture debt is the ideal path for Uptale, as it allows us to adapt to this new emerging market and grow at a sustainable pace. The referrals we received on Inveready were exceptional and we look forward to developing a long-term partnership with them. »

Uptale’s technology fulfills a real need, as field training has long been limited by physical constraints and logistical challenges. By enabling employees to learn effectively in the field through virtual reality, Uptale aims to bring even more autonomy and power to frontline workers.

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