Uptale, pioneer of VR for training, supports more than 75% of the CAC40 index

Uptale becomes a major player in virtual reality (VR) applied to training and education, taking the next step by supporting more than 75% of CAC40 companies. At VivaTech, Uptale’s solution was presented by 4 major groups.

The fast-growing scale-up is constantly innovating to meet the specific training needs of French manufacturers. Time savings and immersion are the core of their value proposition.

Alstom, Stellantis, CMA CGM all call on the services of the tech scale up to train their teams as close to reality as possible. Uptale has established itself as the most widely used solution for immersive training. Today, it supports many manufacturers, universities, NGOs and retail players in training their staff, and plays an active role in the reindustrialization of France. In fact, over 75% of CAC40 companies trust this scale-up to train and update their teams on various internal processes.

Since its creation, Uptale has innovated by providing intuitive tools that enable companies to create and share interactive 360° immersive experiences completely autonomously, without any programming skills. This innovative approach has led hundreds of companies and educational institutions to adopt Uptale’s solution for their training needs. Using captures of situations, the experience offered through a headset or screen is ultra-realistic and enables the work environment to be completely digitized. Thanks to this immersive experience, industrials can project themselves on the workstation, train without constraint, and better apprehend their gestures once in the field. The Uptale solution therefore reduces training time and costs.

Rapid growth to support the reindustrialization of France

The reindustrialization of France is a hotly debated topic. However, manufacturers are faced with a shortage of manpower and a lack of training. Thanks to Uptale, it is possible to train on production lines without trainers, and without disrupting the plant’s rhythm. This saves companies an average of 50% in training time, for superior training quality.


Uptale takes a responsible leadership position in the immersive learning industry, and in Virtual Reality in general. David Ristagno, CEO and co-founder of Uptale, enthuses: “Thanks to immersive learning, production operators can be put into situations before they take up their jobs, or to enable them to revise certain technical gestures. Using Uptale’s platform, the noise, speed, and rate of production lines are represented so as to be as close as possible to the real situation. Our solution greatly reduces the risks associated with taking on a new job. It’s also very easy to create new content in complete autonomy to always stay up to date with the latest tools or processes implemented.” Uptale is keen to remain focused on its mission to accelerate the adoption of immersive learning and strengthen its position as the platform of choice for virtual reality training.


The future looks bright for Uptale. Constantly expanding, the scale-up startup is set to become a key player in the digital transformation of training and education in the years to come. Last but not least, self-financed since 2017, the startup has recently chosen an ultra-innovative solution to finance its growth by protecting its capital: venture debt.

About Uptale

Uptale, founded in 2017, is an innovative platform that enables teachers and trainers to create and share interactive 360° immersive experiences. Their mission is to make learning more engaging and accessible using VR technology.

The scale-up has over 40 employees and is self-financed & bootstraped.

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