Lenovo enhances Sales Learning Experience using ThinkReality VRX and Uptale

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This use case is in collaboration with Lenovo, a leader in Virtual Reality headsets (take a look at its latest ThinkReality VRX) 
and Mentor Group, a sales enablement organization, focused on driving transformation and growth across every area of your business.

Increase learner confidence and job role success

Isn’t it ideal when a VR hardware provider not only sells their headsets but also uses them to train their team? And what’s even better is when they also use the VR Training solution they sell (you guessed right, it’s Uptale 😉).

By incorporating Lenovo’s own Think Reality VRX headsets and a tailored VR training curriculum, the company has achieved maximum engagement and ushered in a new era of learning and development (L&D). The VR training resulted in a significant 38.3% increase in learner confidence and an average impact rating of 8.5 out of 10 on job role success.

Engaging Sales Leaders through Immersive VR Training

Lenovo’s sales leaders, known for their busy schedules, presented a challenge for the learning team. However, by offering an intriguing proposition that combined Lenovo’s VRX headsets with a customized immersive training program, the engagement levels soared. Corran Wilde, EMEA Sales Development Program Manager at Lenovo, aimed to enhance sales performance, interpersonal skills, onboarding, and adherence to quality and safety standards. The integration of VR technology further amplified the engagement and long-term scalability across international locations.

Corran Wilde
EMEA Sales Development Program Manager at Lenovo

«We are approaching some of our salespeople with different propositions and wanted to help support them from the top down, adjust their behaviors, and help them better understand how their people are feeling, »

Collaboration for Success

Lenovo, partner with Uptale immersive training solution, collaborated with its Think Reality team to design and bring the sales VR training process to life. Over an eight-month period, the team meticulously crafted real-life scenarios to provide an authentic learning experience. Sales staff members recorded on-site videos, creating effective and credible field experience.

«The training brings the scenarios to life and encourages a complete switch off from the distraction around them. It lets the learners focus on how to best coach their teams. » explains Corran Wilde.

The involvement of sales leaders and managers in the co-creation process helped overcome initial skepticism and garnered essential buy-in for the initiative.

«The leaders got to use the headsets and participate In the training content. After that we ran a pilot which enabled us to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology. Then we had their buy-in.»

Corran Wilde, EMEA Sales Development Program Manager at Lenovo

Driving Engagement and Motivation

Introducing VR training to the sales team required acclimatization, but the participation of colleagues in the training process brought scenarios to life and fostered a focused learning environment. The program catered to various audiences, including managers, sales associates, and customer service representatives, offering tailored coaching methodologies. Face-to-face interaction during the VR experience ensured familiarity and guidance, while small groups promoted knowledge sharing, thorough debriefs, progress updates, and coaching follow-ups.

Positive Feedback and Measurable Impact

Lenovo witnessed an overwhelmingly positive response to the VR training program, with participants expressing enthusiasm and requesting further involvement. The inclusive nature of the training accommodated learners with different levels of digital proficiency. The immersive experience, backed by follow-up support and training, empowered managers to share their learnings with their teams, cascading knowledge throughout the organization. Notably, the VR training resulted in a significant 38.3% increase in learner confidence and an average impact rating of 8.5 out of 10 on job role success.

A Model for Future Learning

Lenovo’s successful integration of VR training signals a new direction for the company’s learning initiatives. While the tech industry readily embraces such innovations, the implementation of VR in training across other sectors may face challenges. However, with thorough preparation, leadership buy-in, and adequate resources, VR training can break down barriers and provide a rapid path to immersive and effective learning experiences. Lenovo’s positive experience with Uptale’s solution has motivated the company to explore other inclusive learning modalities, acknowledging the diverse learning preferences within its regions of operation.

By successfully leveraging VR technology, Lenovo has not only enhanced engagement and motivation among its sales leaders but also set a benchmark for quality in the industry. This forward-thinking approach reinforces the notion that VR training, when implemented effectively, can be a powerful tool for upskilling, improving job performance, and facilitating knowledge sharing within organizations.

Corran Wilde
EMEA Sales Development Program Manager at Lenovo

«I think it’s all in the preparation and making sure you’ve got that buy-in upfront from the leadership team. You need a bit more of a budget. For me, it was very much money well spent.” »

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