Catalog Uptale : How to improve your safety training with customizable VR templates

Frontline workers are exposed to a variety of safety hazards on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential to foster a strong workplace safety culture by training employees about the risks. However, traditional training may not be sufficient to achieve promote effective awareness.
This is where Immersive Learning steps in to enhance current training. This method offers a more engaging and effective learning experience. Among other things, it allows for the simulation of realistic risky situations, thanks to immersion and interactivity. The access of this innovative method is made possible through immersive learning solutions such as Uptale.
To help them create and deploy safety training quickly, Uptale now offers a catalog of customizable training templates. By adapting these templates to their specificities and to the typology of their learners, each company can guarantee a better understanding and assimilation of knowledge. A personalized training allows for a more thorough understanding from the learners, thus increasing the success and relevance of the training.

The importance of workplace safety training

Travailleur de première ligne avec les équipements de sécurité adéquats dont une veste, un casque, des lunettes de protection et des gants, pour son travail - Uptale

Safety: a training challenge for companies

Workplace safety is a major challenge where companies must balance protecting the well-being of their employees with maximizing their productivity.

Indeed, as frontline workers, they are exposed to occupational hazards that can occur in a variety of situations and environments: Whether indoors or outdoors, the risks can be human, material or energy related… 

The importance of safety in the workplace should never be underestimated, and neglecting it can have significant repercussions:

  • Workplace injuries and accidents
  • Deterioration of productivity
  • Financial losses
  • … and many others.

In addition, the Assurance Maladie has conducted a study on work-related accidents reported in 2021. After analysis, the accidents were mainly due to :

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of manual handling

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of falls from the same level 

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of falls from a height

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of hand tools

To meet this challenge, it is therefore essential that workers receive adequate safety training to appropriately identify hazards, prevent them and react in the event of an incident.

The limits of traditional safety training

Although traditional security training is still effective, it has its limitations

Besides the associated costs (human, material, financial…), the creation of security training courses can be long and laborious depending on the complexity of the subject. This can slow down the development of workers’ skills, who need to be trained quickly and efficiently to guarantee their safety.

Furthermore, traditional training is often generic and does not take into account the specific needs and particularities of each learner or the corporate environment. This lack of flexibility could impact the relevance of the training. 

In addition, traditional safety training may lack interactive and immersive elements. This may result in less engagement of learners, compromising their ability to effectively learn the necessary skills.

Overcoming these limitations is possible through customization of training and deployment in virtual reality, and this is precisely what Uptale offers with its catalog of customizable training.

Improve workplace safety training with customizable VR training catalog

What is the Uptale catalog?

Workplace safety has become an increasingly important training topic and is frequently sought after by our customers and partners. To meet this growing demand, Uptale has created the catalog of VR customizable training.

Adapted to all company sizes, it allows the learners to quickly start immersive learning at an affordable cost. It offers a variety of pre-designed training templates on the topic of safety, and these templates can be easily edited in a few clicks on Uptale, based on the needs of the company.

More precisely, Uptale offers a wide choice of customization: the colors of the experience according to the graphic charter of the company, the 360° environment, the texts, the standards…. Everything is completely free to be modified and created so that each company can appropriate its training. 

Once created, these trainings are instantly deployable on all existing screens: PC, tablet, mobile and VR headsets.


At first, the customizable models in the catalog are specifically designed for use cases related to safety at work:

  • Circulation on site
  • Same level falls
  • Projections of particles into the eye
  • Work at height
  • Safety of machines and equipment
  • Electrical risks
  • Mechanical handling ( bridge crane)
  • Sound and noise risks
  • Fire hazards
  • Safety onboarding

Nevertheless, throughout the year, the catalog will be updated with new templates related to various fields (pharmaceutical, retail…). 

More than 50 customizable templates will be available for companies wishing to create their own immersive training courses.

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The benefits of using models from the Uptale catalog

Accelerate and facilitate the creation of training courses

These Uptale training templates are designed to simplify the creation of customized safety training.

Designed by pedagogical experts, they provide a structure on which to base your safety training courses. This avoids creating from scratch and frees you from the blank page syndrome. By opting for the customization of its training, the creation takes only 1 to 2 days, contrary to the 5 days necessary for a creation from scratch.

Moreover, thanks to Uptale’s intuitive tool, the creation is easy: anyone can easily customize the training templates, without any prior technical knowledge, according to their specific needs

Therefore, these customizable VR training templates help save time and effort in creating safety training.

Make training content more flexible and relevant

Safety training needs vary considerably depending on the company’s sector of activity, its size, the type of trainees, the level of risk linked to its activity, etc. In addition to these parameters, changes in the safety landscape (new threats, regulatory changes, etc.) also have an impact on training content.

This is why, once created, training content can be easily updated without having to start from scratch.

This ensures that training courses remain relevant and up-to-date, while meeting ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Maximize training effectiveness and learner engagement

By adapting its training to the specific needs of learners, they will feel more involved. This enhanced proximity will help them to better project themselves into the work situations they encounter on a daily basis and assimilate more easily the knowledge taught to them.

Moreover, the immersion and interactivity offered by virtual reality allow for a more engaging and immersive learning experience. This encourages learners to take part in the proposed training and increases their motivation to learn about the risks associated with their work.

Simplify the deployment of training

For companies wishing to train several teams and sites simultaneously, Uptale customizable templates are suitable for large-scale deployment

On the one hand, their storyboards have been carefully crafted to help standardize safety training within companies. 

On the other hand, the training courses created with Uptale can be easily integrated into numerous Learning Management Systems (LMS) and training and collaboration programs to centralize all training.

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